BitScalp features a scalping terminal that lets you execute your trades whenever you want. Just in a few mouse clicks, you are able to accomplish the following:

  • Place an order by clicking on a price.
  • Cancel existing orders by right-clicking on them.
  • Reposition your orders according to your price preferences.

Other unique features that you can use include setting ‘Stop Loss’ and ‘Take Profit’ orders. Through these options, you can automate your trades without having to constantly watch over an asset’s price movements. Not all exchanges have this ability!

You can also connect BitScalp’s tool to several cryptocurrency exchanges to start managing your trading strategy. Scalping Bitcoin has never been this easy!

For newbie traders who want to learn more about scalping crypto and experience it firsthand without risking real money, BitScalp has an emulation tool for you. The tool is powered with real data that lets you test your trading strategy before you decide to enter the market. Think of it as a sandbox. You can practice as much as you want so you’ll be prepared enough when you start scalping.

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Benefits of using BitScalp

BitScalp is a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency scalping tool. Check out the main advantages of using BitScalp in comparison with competitors:

  • Ease of Access — Unlike other tools that you have to download and install on your device, BitScalp is browser-based. This means that you can access the tool whenever and wherever you want. You might even be able to make your first deal in the demo version in less than 10 seconds!
  • Beginner-friendly — The user interface is not too complicated. But if you still feel like you still need to get used to it, BitScalp offers an emulation tool. Make your test trades without putting your real money at risk.
  • Affordable — The subscription fee for the release version will be much lower than the market average.
  • Scalp trading Bitcoin is finally made more convenient, affordable, and easy with BitScalp. It allows you to earn more without having to spend as much on subscription fees as you would on other platforms.

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Bitcoin Scalping Trading Strategy

A scalping trading strategy refers to a method of buying and selling assets based on their price movements, i.e., scalping Bitcoin requires making small trades every time the coin changes in price.

In a day, a Bitcoin scalper might have to make multiple trades to generate profit.

To simplify, scalpers purchase Bitcoin whenever its price drops. They watch its value change within minutes (sometimes even seconds!) and make the appropriate trade. When the price is higher than when they bought it, they sell.

Basically, scalping Bitcoin is like a more frequent execution of the popular trading strategy “buy low, sell high.” The only difference is that you might need to make multiple trades within a day to eventually compound your earnings.

One of the advantages of the scalping trading strategy is that you can generate profit from your capital regardless of the market scenario. Even if the market is bullish or bearish, the likelihood that you can earn an income from trading based on price changes is higher than just holding the asset

This strategy is also low risk. Unlike swing traders or long-term investors, scalp traders can easily close their positions and stop their losses immediately when the price of the asset they are trading plummets. However, if you don’t have a lot of capital, it might not be entirely profitable for you if you can’t execute multiple trades in a day.

This is why it is important for you to find a tool that can facilitate your trades with ease and convenience without too much cost. If you want to earn from Bitcoin scalping, you will need to take advantage of Bitcoin’s volatility with every chance you get.

You cannot do this effectively if your trades take too long to go through or if you cannot monitor the price changes of an asset every second. Automating your stop loss or take profit orders can be significantly helpful, but only a handful of platforms have that feature.

Try BitScalp today!

Scalping can either be a profitable trading strategy or a risky venture. If you cannot execute trades whenever you need to, then it is risky. But if you have a tool that makes it easy for you to make trading orders, and even automate them, then it is more likely to be profitable.

Remember, scalping Bitcoin is only profitable if you can frequently buy low and sell high. And since Bitcoin’s value constantly changes, there are plenty of opportunities for you to generate profit. The only thing you’ll need then is an efficient tool like BitScalp to let you seize those opportunities!

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