• Bitcoin was originally designed as a digital payment method. However, its not still not as popular as fiat currency.
  • You can buy almost everything you want with bitcoin, it’s just a matter of finding the seller who accepts this mode of payment.

Various companies have been using the technology behind bitcoin - blockchain - to design and continuously improve online payments methods. But have you ever wondered what you can actually buy with Bitcoin? Simple answer: Just about anything! Investing in Bitcoin has gained popularity over the years and so has its use as a form of payment. From buying goods online, purchasing cars, and contributing to donations, there are a awful lot of ways that allow Bitcoin holders to spend their cryptocurrency. However, it's not as easy as it seems to be. In most cases, you will need to find a seller who is willing to accept bitcoin for whatever you want to buy.

Originally, Bitcoin was designed as an electronic cash system or a decentralized payment method to enable bitcoin holders to make purchases without the involvement of fiat money, and hence, manage their own finances independently. Even though bitcoin isn’t as popular as fiat currencies for everyday use, there are a number of goods and services that you can buy with this coin. Without any further ado, let's get to the list of top ways through which you can spend your BTC tokens online.


If you have enough currency, you can buy almost every supercar with Bitcoin. There are multiple car dealers that are Bitcoin friendly, and have every luxury brand like Porsche, Bugatti and Lamborghini. Not just supercars, you can even purchase a whole range of other vehicles such as classic cars and off-road UTVs. However, in most cases, you will be limited to second hand cars since most of the car dealers do not offer brand new cars with Bitcoin.

Online gift cards

The most popular stores such as Amazon, Apple, Uber and Walmart do not accept Bitcoin as a form of payment yet. But here is the good news; you can buy goods from such stores through a third-party. There are platforms that allow customers to buy gift cards from these retail giants using Bitcoin.


There is a whole lot of restaurants, including fast food chains, that permit you to pay using Bitcoin. Especially during the last decade, various locations have declared Bitcoin acceptance.

Video Games

Tech giants including Microsoft have recently begun to accept bitcoin for games and other applications. There are other platforms that are using the blockchain network to fuel their in-game currency.


Not only Bitcoin itself is said to be a digital form of gold, you can use it to buy actual gold as well. There are various companies and websites that let users spend Bitcoin on physical gold (or even silver or platinum) in the form of coins or bars.


Regardless of what kind of clothing you are looking for, an outfit for a casual hangout with friends or a dress for a wedding, there is a pretty high chance you will be able to pay for it through Bitcoin at a number of clothing stores. Not just that, even various designer and high fashion brands have started accepting bitcoin and other cryptos as a payment method.

Closing Thoughts

Paying for your purchases online with bitcoin is similar to sending an email in more than one way. You just send a specific amount of money to a bitcoin address instead of a message to an email address. If you have got excess money in your (digital) wallet, you can either look for a retailer that is willing to accept it or buy gift cards and save them for later. There are a plethora of options for spending your BTC tokens locally or online. The above list is just an idea of what you can do with bitcoin in your daily life and is far from complete. Happy shopping!